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Est. 1986


Our Approach

We appreciate your interest in the Park-Salinas, Inc. We are the established leaders in the Industrial, Medical, and Consumer contingency search and recruiting fields for many types of professionals. Our leadership position is in filling professional management and production positions with quality individuals specifically chosen to meet the needs of our client companies. We are continually searching for new client companies who have made the same "Commitment to Excellence" in the people they hire, as we have in the people we recruit. We network with leaders in many industries and consistently surfaces superior candidates who are not available through regular search channels. Our philosophy is one of quality not quantity.

Understanding the details of our client's search requirements is crucial to a quick and successful hire. Extensive research uncovers top performing candidates that must undergo our rigorous screening process. This includes an in-depth interview on the telephone and in person whenever possible. We begin by evaluating their track record, communication skills and attitude. Most importantly, we listen to their career goals and aspirations, which is essential when making a long term and successful choice. We will use our expertise to consult and coordinate throughout the interviewing process to make this experience as smooth and effortless as possible.

Nationwide searches have proven highly successful with Park-Salinas, Inc. We are top performing recruiters and have our own network of recruiters nationally. Many of who are also associated with various recruiting networks, thus increasing our coverage. This maximizes our market exposure and assures a thorough search.

Our Services

We bring over 70 years of combined experience in recruiting and placing professionals with some of the most elite companies in the industry. From F-100 companies to start-ups, we have proven success in identifying, and more importantly attracting, the right talent for the needs of our clients. Our relationships and reputation provide a vast exposure to the top talent in our industry. We work on a contingent agreement, which means it doesn’t cost anything to interview our candidates. A fee is only due when you hire one of them.


Our proprietorial associate affiliates network reaches much further than 100,000+ people on file. We collaborate with top recruiters all around the country to identify and secure the best talent in any market while remaining your sole point of contact. A comprehensive search is guaranteed with our service.



Our Process

Our process begins with a team effort at Park-Salinas, Inc. You get the combined effort of everyone here to fill your position. We begin with candidates we know that are actively looking for new opportunities. We then search our 100,000+-candidate database for ANYONE that meets the requirements, and more importantly skill sets, of the search assignment whether they are "looking" or not. Our most effective method is their referrals.

We know eagles soar, and network, with other eagles. Our trusted database of talent leads us to those that may not be active, but meet the criteria and are smart enough to entertain new opportunities possibly better than where they are at currently.

We can also enlist the help of fellow top recruiters, making sure we get the word out to other professionals that do what we do and are aware of talent unknown to us. We will use social media and job boards to uncover those off our radar. Most importantly, we enjoy old-fashioned recruiting. We identify companies in similar market segments and actually cold call the reps to entice their interest in your opportunity.

We conduct in-depth interviews to gauge qualifications as well as interest in the job. We then present a short list of people we feel are the best fit for the job and worth interviewing from the many candidates that were screened. We help arrange interviews and share feedback throughout the process to make sure everyone’s expectations are met with no surprises. We will help negotiate the offer to ensure a win-win outcome and guarantee the result.

We must be a partner in the process for our relationships and reputation to carry on.  Our success is determined by your success.

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